Knitted Cactus

White Collection

Introducing the White Potted Collection of Knitted Cacti. If you donít have a magic green thumb, or prefer to dust rather than water your plants then these woolly varieties are perfect for you! Each plant is hand crafted from woollen materials, featuring a combination of handknitting & embroidery. Presented in a white ceramic pot with real stones & not so spikey spikes, they are just like the real thing! Available in small, medium or large in an ever evolving range of designs.

Pop by the Odds&endS store, or send us an email to bring some woolly prickles to your place. Here at Odds&endS we love a little bit of Retro, click here to see our Vintage Potted Collection of Knitted Cacti.

The gallery below are examples of some of our most recent designs.