Knitted Cactus

White Collection

Our favourite woolly cacti is not only available in the White Collection but also a limited selection of retro ceramic pots. Each vintage pot is especially selected for its unique appeal, some for thier cool retro ceramic glazes (think wild lava pots of the 70's), others for thier distinct handcrafting, and some for thier iconic makers. We love sourcing these beautiful quality ceramics and take great time and effort in finding truly amazing pieces. Amongst our favourites are collectable pieces from West German Pottery, Bitossi and 1950's Australian pottery.

A unique wooly cacti is hand crafted to suit each special vintage pot, with no two designs the same.

As each plant and pot size varies the vintage collection are priced per design.

If you'd like start your vintage Knitted Cacti collection we'd love for you to contact us or pop by the store.